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About Nosmesa Legal
About Us

Nosmesa Legal assists employers with regard to all labour-related matters.

Nosmesa Legal is a Durbanville based law firm which was established in 1999 and is the leader in assisting employers with regard to all labour-related matters. We are available to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Nosmesa ensures that you comply with procedures in order to minimize your risk against costly CCMA awards. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with top-quality services to establish positive relations and credibility between us and all external customers.

For business owners to operate within the law, they require in-depth and ongoing knowledge of the full spectrum of new and existing labour and Employment Equity, Skills Development, POPIA, and Occupational health and safety laws. This kind of knowledge requires not only an advisor; it requires an advisor who specialises in labour, employment equity, skills development, and occupational health and safety.

Nosmesa has a team of specialist labour and advisors, as well as a full-time legal research team, dedicated to our client's business.

What we specialise in

Labour Law Services

Service Contracts

Preparation and implementation of Service Contracts and revising existing contracts to comply with the conditions of Section 29 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act/Sectorial Determination/Collective Agreement in the workplace.

Representation - Workplace

Representation in the workplace regarding all labour-related problems.


Access to our 24-Hour Legal Crisis Team.

Representation - CCMA

Representation at the CCMA for Conciliation and Bargaining Council.


Assistance regarding Disciplinary and Grievance procedures.

Disciplinary Hearings

Professional advice and representation at Disciplinary Hearings.

Collective Bargaining

Collective bargaining (Union negotiations) concerning all benefits and Conditions of Employment.


Advice and assistance with large-and small-scale restructuring and retrenchments.

Labour Practice

Setting up a code of good Labour Practice in the workplace.

Labour Laws

On-going Updates regarding Amendments to Labour Laws.

Representation - Strikes & Lockouts

Professional advice and Representation at Strikes and Lockouts.

Disciplinary Documents

Supplies all relevant Disciplinary Documents.


What Our Client Says

Elegant Roofing have been working with Nosmesa for many years. There hasn’t been any issue that Nosmesa couldn’t assist us with. from Disciplinary actions to Skills Development and Employment equity submissions. Labour related issues are always treated fairly and all matters are settled in a timely manner. We will highly recommend Nosmesa.

Harriet Bleeker

Admin Manager - Elegant Roofing

I would like to recommend Nosmesa Labour Solutions to any organization or company. We have been a client of them for over 10 years and are extremely satisfied with the standard of service and attention to detail we have received from them with regards to all labour related matters.

Henk Olivier

General Manager - Granite Projects

I am pleased to advise that I signed a contract with Nosmesa on 16th January 2006 to provide a wide range of services relating to all industrial relations matters for my Company Hillcrest Berries (Pty) Ltd. The nature of our business covers Agriculture, Manufacture and Hospitality The services provided by Nosmesa include the interpretation of relevant government legislation pertaining to all aspects of employment regulations for the various sectors of our business. Of particular value is their involvement in Contracts of Employment, Disciplinary Procedures, Disciplinary Hearings and CCMA Hearings.

Raymond O'Grady

Managing Director - Hillcrest Berries
Elegant Roofing
Granite Projects
Hillcrest Berries